Job Description

Job Summary: Responsible for providing childcare and child development screenings, assessments, and coordination for children between the ages of 0-5 in the housing programs. Implementation of developmental intervention sessions with clients and children ages 0-5.  Responsible for facilitating groups and utilizing and implementing the SafeCare curriculum.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Conducts developmental screenings for all children 0-5 in house consistent with program requirements. Plan, supervise, and implement age appropriate programs and activities for individual early intervention of children.
  2. Assists parents set goals and plans of action pertaining to their children’s development.
  3. Provide educational information to parents regarding their children’s development.
  4. Maintains effective communication with parents.
  5. Provides services to clients including, but not limited to supportive counseling, crisis intervention, mentoring, and parent education.
  6. Completes weekly groups with housing residents based on parenting education. Oversees the supervision of childcare during the groups. Provides engaging and enriching curriculum for residents based upon all different learning styles and education level.
  7. Guide interns and students working with the children and families.
  8. Demonstrate familiarity and acts in accordance, with established safety regulations, policies and procedures.
  9. Provides support to families in identifying and obtaining community resources.
  10. Maintains a flexible working schedule to accommodate resident’s schedules and needs.
  11. Ensures accurate and timely collection and reporting of data to contract specification for evaluation
  12. through the maintaining of monthly reporting, data entry and timely case records documenting all services provided
  13. Assures security of confidential information and materials.
  14. Attends agency, program and collaborative meetings as assigned.
  15. Attends and participates in training as appropriate.
  16. Participate in weekly individualized supervision with Housing Manager which focuses on areas of responsibility and boundaries, discussion of the housing residents and their progress in the program, any quality or performance issues, problem solving, and individual skill building.
  17. Participate in weekly Housing Team Meetings which focuses on identifying challenges, barriers and effective techniques in providing services to participants and achieving outcomes, coordination of housing services with other programs.
  18. Supervises children at various developmental stages in a group play setting while mother’s are working
  19. Assists in developing and implementing daily child care curriculum based on children’s developmental needs
  20. Provides updates on children’s behaviors and skills to parent upon pick-up
  21. Helps with general care (snack/lunch time, naps, hygiene etc.)



Education: A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in social work, psychology, education and/or related human services field required. Extensive knowledge or early childhood development and demonstrated experience providing intensive home-based intervention services. Knowledge of family systems, community resources, substance abuse treatment and interventions required. Experience working with low income or homeless populations and pregnant and/or parenting women in a shelter or residential setting is preferred.

 Abilities:  Is trauma-informed and able to treat residents with understanding of previous homeless history, possible CPS involvement, and challenging backgrounds.  Is culturally diverse in thought and respects those with different backgrounds, heritages, and means of communication.   Able to provide support, structure, empathy, sound judgement, insight into human behavior and family relations

 Skills: Effective communication skills.  Must have the ability to work in a team environment, using a team dynamic approach for best practices with MSP residents.  Must be able to receive constructive feedback and utilize motivational interviewing techniques to work with all residents. Computer literate as appropriate.

 Other Requirements: Must have a valid California driver’s license, insurance and a reliable vehicle and be willing to use it on the job.

Physical Demands:

  • Sitting for long periods of time in the homes of client families, in the office or at required meetings.
  • Daily traveling in car to clients or to agency and community meetings.
  • Frequent note taking and recording in case files by hand.


Work Environment:

  • Office space is shared.
  • The noise level fluctuates from quiet to noisy.